Victor Seaward

Victor Seaward juxtaposes raw, functional materials, such as concrete, with high-tech industrial materials and apparatuses to expose how social and cultural groups are able to enduringly place meaningful stock, through the addition of pattern, objects and symbols, in otherwise mundane ephemera.

Victor Seaward (b. 1988, Kuala Lumpur) lives and works in London. Seaward received his MA Painting from the Royal College of Art and his BA (Hons) History of Art from the University of Leeds. Recent presentations of his work include: Outlines Roughly the Size of a Suit, Union Gallery, London (2019; Victor Seaward, Lily Brooke Gallery, London (2019 - upcoming);, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London (2018); The Salamander Devours Its Tail Twice, Gallery 46, London (2018; Paper Cuts, Saatchi Gallery, London (2018); To The Core, White Crypt, London (2018); and The Metallurgical Ouroboros, Gossamer Fog, London (2018). @victor_seaward