Sanne Maloe Slecht

In my work I explore the possibilities of visualising the unimaginable. Drawn from contemporary theory juxtaposing quantum-physics and philosophy, I compose visual riddles that occupy multiple planes, realities and languages. Thereby I’m creating a new reality, that is both otherworldly and fictional, as well as real or existing in a parallel dimension.  

In a space inhabited by possibility, I create simulacra’s of images or objects that had no history to begin with. I emulate that what we know- taking parts of the natural, or real, pull them apart and reassemble them in a distinct and rebellious way; dismissing taste as a relevant criteria- so that it exceeds it’s natural counterpart. Taking the ‘blob’ as the main inhabitant and form of this new found space, my works revolves around ideas of tactility, science-fiction, eroticism and alienation.

Each of my compositions have a stage like quality, where acid colours run an antagonistic show, only paused to admit shapeless cutouts. Gaps shot into reality, inviting the eye to lust after it’s surface, and where the viewer can crawl through to solve the visual riddle.

A way to solve this is to navigate through the notion of space, in painted forms or literal three-dimensionality. I form space by stretching multi-layered canvasses and then create cut-outs on the top layer. I screw canvasses on top of each other, paste on three-dimensional shapes and work with the language, thickness, gloss, and structure of paint itself. This materialisation and flattening of natural colours, textures, and surfaces create a complex structure that is reminiscent of a painting, or a depicted space, but can also exist in other dimensions.

Sanne Maloe Slecht (b. 1987, The Netherlands) lives and works in London. She is currently completing her MA Painting at the Royal College of Art. Recent exhibitions of her work include: Can't Touch This, Chalton Gallery, London (2018); Extended Call Pt. 3, Subsidiary Projects, London (2018); One Night Stand, Frame, London (2018); Thumbnails, Hockney Gallery, RCA, London (2018); and Work In Progress, Royal College of Art, London (2018). In 2016 she completed the Pilotenkueche Residency, Spinnerei, Leipzig.