Luca Bosani

Luca Bosani’s work questions and explores masculinity and identity in relation to stereotypical behaviour, power dynamics, violence and seduction. Introducing a new visual and emotional vocabulary he promotes personal and collective transformation through performance and live art, combining painting and fashion design in search of unexplored territories that subvert gender stereotypes and create divergent identity connotations: violent and tender, hostile and seductive; physical tension and hard feelings are contrasted with radiant colours, absurdity and humour.

Luca Bosani (b. 1990, Rho, Italy) lives and works in London. Bosani received his MA Performance Art from the Royal College of Art, London; he is currently Artist in residence and Lecturer in Performance Art at Kensington and Chelsea College, London. Recent presentations of his work include: Knaves of Residence (Bolan edition), Nine Elms Public Art programme, London (2018); Performing The Unknown, Kensington and Chelsea College Gallery, London (2018); The Salamander devours Its Tail Twice, Gallery 46, London (2018); and Extended Call III, Subsidiary Projects, London (2018).