Louis Judkins

Working with video and painting, Louis Judkins makes “funny art for miserable people.” In his recent work, Judkins has created anthology short films that combine conceptual sketch-comedy with experimental sound and vision. These works  engage with the viewer through witty, theatrical dialogue and sporadic, surreal visuals. Using unrealistic settings, often through the use of green screen, Judkins explores the construction of realistic and social connections placed in the foreground. “With extreme violence, gore and pornography literally at our fingertips, what happens when our culture itself is so shocking that art can no longer compete?”

Louis Judkins (b. 1995, London) lives and works in London. Judkins received his BA (Hons) Fine Art form Chelsea College of Arts. Recent presentations of his work include: Reunion Show, Assembly Point Gallery, Peckham (2018); April Skies, Take Courage Gallery, New Cross (2018); Louis Judkins: Super Fun Happy Happy Fun Time, Cable Street Studios, Limehouse (2017); and Louis – An Exhibition of Five Louis, Back room, Holdrons Arcade, Peckham (2017).