Charlie Billingham

Charlie Billingham produces paintings, prints and site-responsive installations using expanded approaches to painting that refer to the history of British Satirical print, both through their uses of graphic boldness and in their repeated appropriations of fractured imagery whose details quote Gillray, Rowlandson and a Hogarthian comic narrative tradition. Although we can identify things in Charlie Billingham’s work as part of a certain idea of the past – baggy britches, towering wigs, swags of jewellery, vaguely scatological humour – their presentation (in bits, in fragments) suggests a kind of dispersal, a refusal to fully cohere. Billingham holds the bits at bay: the past stays past. Late 18th and early 19th century motifs – big Regency bums in wigs or britches; bonnets with cascading feathers; big-buttoned waistcoats – are repeated in an array of decorative colours, either as wallpaper or as reversible motifs on canvases.

Charlie Billingham (b. 1984, London) lives and works in London. Billingham received his Post Graduate Diploma from the Royal Academy Schools and his MA Fine Art and History of Art from Edinburgh College of Art. Recent solo presentations include: Desire Path, Travesía Cuatro, Madrid (2017); Charlie Billingham, Independent Régence presented by Supportico Lopez, Brussels (2017); and The Comforts of Bath, Moran Bondaroff, Los Angeles (2017). Recent group exhibitions include: Absolute Éructance, Damien & the Love Guru, Brussels (2017); Plant Scenery of the World, Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (2017); The Coverly Set, Chloe Wise, New York (2017); and Figure.Out, with Dale Lewis, Rose Wylie, Union Gallery, London (2017).