Alia Hamaoui

Alia Hamaoui’s multidisciplinary practice weaves together layered fragments, muted tones and lost histories. A combination of print, painting and ‘construction’; Hamaoui’s work embodies a shift from physical remnants of the past to the digitising of memories. Her practice explores how images, both printed and digitised are intercepting our perspective on historical narratives and the exotic. She is interested in cultural spaces that we use to escape our everyday. She thinks of them as self explorational spaces, where people try to identify or link themselves to some form of their own cultural identity. Examples of these spaces that she explores and uses visual tropes from are the fetishised tropical holiday, museums or bath houses.

Alia Hamaoui (b. 1996) lives and works in London. Hamaoui received her BA (Hons) Fine Art from Camberwell College of Arts. Recent presentations of her work include Alia Hamaoui, Art in Residence, Peckham ArtistRun, London (2018); The World Tour, Fivehundredthousand Gallery, London (2018); Extended Call, PT3, Subsidiary Projects, London (2018); and Extended Call PT2, The Parasite, Royal College of Arts, London (2018).