Charlie Mills

Charlie Mills is a curator, writer and publisher based in South East London. Since 2017 he has worked as Artist Liaison for Hannah Barry Gallery and Bold Tendencies. His independent curation has included ABSINTHE §1 – §3, Spit & Sawdust Pub (2019 - 2020); Slap Dash for No Cash, The Art Academy Newington (2018); and The Unlimited Dream Company, Hannah Barry Gallery (2017 – 2018). 

Charlie has written exhbition catalogues for Gentrified Underground, Zürich (2019), William Bennington Gallery, London (2019); and Hannah Barry Gallery (2018). As well articles for Arte Viste, Saatchi Art & Music Magazine, HIX Magazine and Berfoirs. In 2019 Charlie founded his own not-for-profit publishing house, Kronos Publishing, focusing on small-run exhbition catalogues and artist mongraphs.