Xiuching Tsay

Xiuching Tsay is a Thai born artist, with an Asian Buddhism background that may encourage he to play with a theme of ‘reincarnation’, which is a common belief in asian culture. So, Her work is essentially to irradiate some obscured objects that remain in her memories, resurrect their essences and rediscover their hidden characters through an ecstatic quality of vision. So, she adopts the concept of hallucination in order to recondition her perceptions toward those intimated objects. This hallucinatory practice is experimented with the concept of water because water has qualities that unfold infinite visions as water melts all the possible subject matters into the most ambiguous forms. In philosophy, water is also represented as a spiritual agent that bring a non-living thing to life.

Xiuching Tsay (b.1993, Thailand) Lives and works in London. Xiuching received her MA in Paintin at Royal College of Art. Previous exhibitions of her works include: Summer Exhibition, Danie Benjamin Gallery, London (2019), Hide and Seek, Fitzrovia Gallery, London (2019), Jelato for all, Jelato Love, Mallorca (2019), College, House of Vans, London (2019), Deaf man’s fantasy (solo), 3331 Art Chiyoda, Tokyo (2018), Discovery of I(s) (solo), paintings and performance, Nena Contemporary art, Chiangmai (2018)