Rosie Gibbens 

Through performances, videos and sculptures, Rosie uses absurdity to question socially constructed rules about how to behave as woman, worker and consumer. She often approaches the work as perverse product demonstrations where the terms ‘sex sells’ is taken to an illogical conclusion and everyday objects are humorously repurposed. She hopes to skew the ways in which bodies are conventionally consumed through visuals which are simultaneously silly and serious, seductive and grotesque.
Rosie Gibbens (b.1993, UK) graduated from the Royal College of Art (2018) with a Masters in Contemporary Art Practice. Recent presentations of her work include ‘Carrot and Stick’ (2019) for Art Night at Chalton Gallery and ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’ (2019) for Recreation Grounds V curated by DATEAGLE ART. She has also been exhibited in Bow Arts’ ‘Visions at the Nunnery’ (2018, UK), out_sights gallery’s ‘Learn Where the Meat Comes' (2018, South Korea) and performed for Revolve Performance Art Festival (2018, Sweden). She is a visiting tutor at Central Saint Martins and Camberwell College of Art.