Paul Vivian 

Paul Vivian works with sculptures, prints and reliefs. Each work is either a meticulously recreated or found objects reconfigured. Motivated by how the status of these forms may be raised as they become stand-ins for ideas larger than themselves. Early in his practice he became fascinated in how objects traditionally adapted for witchcraft and the occult were contingently constructed from the everyday to enable a form of curse or spell. His work characteristically draws upon popular culture or historical events and Vivian sees his practice as an attempt to reconcile each subject's scale and significance through the superficially ordinary and banal. 

Paul Vivian lives and works in Hampshire and Surrey. He received an MA in Fine Art from Norwich School of Art and Design and BA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Recent Exhibitions in 2019 include ‘Allhallowtide’ at Portsmouth Artspace, ‘Absinthe3’, Spit and Sawdust Bermondsey and ‘This is not an Oak Tree’ The Jugg Foundation, Suffolk. He has previously won the Wells Art Contemporary selected by Richard Wentworth and Marielle Nuedecker (2016) and developed the solo project ‘Tardiness’ for the British Art Show 8 Fringe, Southampton (2017).