Giovanni Vetere 

At its core, Vetere’s practice seeks to understand the relationship between the three active elements that constitute performance art: space, audience and performer. Vetere's interaction with water reflects upon the controversial relationship that the human body maintains with the sea and seeks to understand the effects that water produces on the human body, not only as a physical response but also as a generator of meaning and symbolism. Questioning its position as human through placing the body in an environment that is unnatural, Vetere’s performances bring the viewer on a journey towards its root. The image produced is often one of controversy, which reminds us of a foetus inside the womb or a cadaver inside its coffin. Precisely, water represents a dual and counter-posed effect; one of giving life and pleasure; one of giving agony and death.

Giovanni Vetere is an Italian, London-based artist. He graduated in 2018 in Fine Art from Camberwell College of Arts. He has exhibited in different countries around Europe, such as Rome, Florence, The Hague and London. Recent exhbitions include: Non è una mostra - The Orange Garden, Rome (2019); Squid Dinner - The Orange Garden, Rome (2018); Saatchi Gallery - Abstract Reality, London (2018); FRAC Festival, curated by CultRise, Borgia (2018); Camberwell Degree Show, London (2018); Sheep Clouds and Buckets of Water, London (2018); Space Honey, London (2018); Bodies of Water curated by Sasha Burkhanova, London (2018); APT Gallery, London (2018); Copeland Gallery, London (2018). In 2017 he was awarded the Lorenzo Il Magnifico prize at the Florence Biennale in the category of Performance Art.