Gianna T.

Gianna T. is an Italian artist who investigates the child-like curiosity towards our experience of the world through the medium of video and performance. During his performances his body interacts and harasses the surfaces of the canvas blending together in an ironic choreography where unpredictable dances and unstable balance take place. The old and known medium of painting is used as a body extension in a perspective reversal where through hindrances and unexpected movements the artist finds himself in a discovering condition, an initiation, a baptism.A game that aims to sensibilise the understanding of things beyond information, where the need for real contact and denial to the label are the only way to real awareness. There is an attempt to bring to light a childish attitude where discovery is structured upon the unlikely adoration of the medium rather than a study of it.

Gianna T. was born in Pesaro, Italy in 1993 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, IT, lives and works in London.