Felix Treadwell 

Felix Treadwell is aware about the vast and powerful world we exist in. In his paintings, teenage characters and aliens are confronted with a sense of danger – in which they encounter mystical beings and feel guilty for something terrible, yet still go ahead in doing it anyway. The result is a mystical blend of “cute” and “dark” in which vulnerable and youthful characters tap through the different stages of adolescence life. 

Felix Treadwell (b. 1992, Maidstone, UK) studied a BA in Painting at Camberwell College of Arts, London and a MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, London. He has exhibited at L21 Gallery (Mallorca), Union Gallery (London), Nam Project (Milan) and Camberwell Space (London), amongst others. Residencies include the Kyoto Seika University residency in Japan. He has also been awarded the HIX Prize (2015). Felix is currently living and working in London.