Rosie Kennedy

Today, we find ourselves pressured into getting more done in less time. We want the skills necessary to get us to the next level and we want them fast. We are encouraged to feed ourselves with more and more information online however, in an age where we are consumed by endless content, are we ever full up and can we even keep up?

Confused device users, cracked IPhones, futile DIY modifications, skeomphorphic designs. Youtube tutorials. Poor quality video editing. Abandoned trophies. 2nd place position. 'Almost winning the lottery'. Falling short. Shorts falling -These are the kinds of materials I work with. I'm interested in the steps we make to better ourselves and our environments and how in that process we are inundated with objects and methods that often surpass our technical know-how. I use sculpture, installation and video to explore the clumsy, the almost, the tedious and the obscure.

Rosie Kennedy (b. 1991, Nottinghamshire) lives and works in London. Kennedy received her BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting from Camberwell College of Arts. Upcoming presentations of her work include solo show, TO BE SORTED THROUGH AND MOVED SOMEWHERE ELSE, Dirty House, London (2019) and group show, You Me and Everybody Else, ONEROOM Gallery, London (2019). Recent presentations of her work include, Slap Dash for No Cash, Newington Library, London (2018) If It’s Good It Should Be Fun (And If It’s Not It Should Be Funny), Zona Mista, London (2018), “Good Good, Double Good”, Lewisham Art House, London (2017)