Mimi Hope 

Mimi Hope’s practice is based in the question: can art catalyse enlightenment? Hope is interested in objects and experiences that instil wonder - ecstasy - where we experience being part of a whole, or whole and complete ourselves, in a parallel moment of perception. Hope then re/create these scenes and objects through the lens of my enlightenment to create works which embody that experience.

Hope’s latest body of work explores the potential for transcendence via Fireworks. Recently, Hope experienced a profound understanding, excitement and peace when watching a local Fireworks display. From this Hope understood the Fireworks as an excellent symbol of capitalism, celebration, affluence, excitement, arousal...as bridging the city with natural and social processes; as a celebration of the dynamism and impermanence of life.

Rendered via digital print on unprimed canvas, the works are soft to the sight and touch, evoking the intangibility of memory, the bleeding of the real in to the imaginary and comforting sense of peace and joy when truly experiencing the present.

Born 1994, UK. Lives and works in London.