Jane Hayes Greenwood

Jane Hayes Greenwood’s practice is situated between painting and installation. Her recent works feature figures and plants in Edenic landscape spaces and consider the complexity of relationships, sexuality and desire. She is interested in how conscious and unconscious dynamics in relationships can be communicated visually and her works make use of an idiosyncratic symbolism that references varied sources such as illuminated manuscripts, Herbal fertility guides, anatomical diagrams and 70s food photography. Apocryphal tales and autobiographical stories are interwoven in her work and humour is used as a device to disguise complex, multi-layered meanings. Assemblies of painterly objects and inventive painted compositions hint at narratives that aim to twist the familiar into something more disturbingly revealing.

Jane Hayes Greenwood (b. 1986, Manchester) lives and works in London. Hayes Greenwood received her MA Fine Art from City & Guilds of London Art School in 2015. She recently presented Lead Me Not Into Temptation (2017), a solo exhibition of work at Block 336. Group exhibitions include: Abracadabra (2019), Assembly House, Leeds; The Lotus Eaters (2018), Triton Street, London; Paper Cuts (2018), Saatchi Gallery, London. In 2016, Hayes Greenwood was shortlisted for the XL Catlin Art Prize. Her work was recently included in the Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting (2018), alongside artists such as Lubaina Himid, Rose Wylie and Peter Doig.

Alongside her practice, she is the co-founder and Director of Block 336; an artist-run project space, studio provider and UK charity located in Brixton. She teaches part-time on the BA Fine Art course at City & Guilds of London Art School.