Elizabeth Prentis

Elizabeth’s practice straddles sculpture and performance. Choosing performance as a way to realise her sculptural works, she explores her struggle with the static nature of sculpture as a medium.

Elizabeth activates these sculptures via performative processes, with help from assistants, audiences and/or machinery. Working with others is crucial not only for practical reasons, due to scale of the material and the spaces she inhabits, but also to explore her own interests in collaborative working, labour, gender stereotypes and bureaucratic systems. 

The risk of failure and Risk Management are dominant in Elizabeth’s practice. Works are produced only once and are unrehearsed. The nature of executing sculpture through live performance often throws up unexpected challenges and situations. Reacting to these issues with an audience creates an honest, often hilarious and exciting experience for all involved. This intuitive way of working creates absurd and humourous interactions between the audience, artist, material and process.