Corey Whyte

Corey Whyte observes upon modern consumer behaviour. Within this Whyte focuses on a multitude of issues: limited edition products, Control, Exclusivity and the hysteria and anxiety that surrounds seasonal holidays. Corey is excited by the distorted twist in culture and human condition  that these moments evoke, and is particularly interested in readings on Christmas Creep, The Golden Quarter, Throw-Away Culture, The Moon Light Clan and Black Friday.

Whyte takes inflatable products from these seasons and uses them as armatures or moulds, he applies sculptural materials which he has limited control over. In doing so, he challenges them by pushing them even further, intervening, contributing and continuing its disturbed state into complete absurdity. Ironically, the work itself becoming a new limited edition product by himself.
Corey Whyte was born in Staffordshire in 1993 and has lived between Staffordshire and Carmel, California from an early age. He completed his BA Fine Art at Staffordshire University graduating in 2014 and his MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 2018. Whyte was the recent recipient of The Ingram Collections Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize in November 2016, hosted at The Cello Factory in London.