Beatrice Lettice Boyle

Beatrice Lettice Boyle is interested in Shelley Duvall, bumper stickers, witches/hags, choosing fabric and the seam between things.

Recent work has appropriated imagery from 18th century Shunshō woodblock prints, a 16th century painting of the crucifixion attributed to Bosch, 16th century Brueghel landscapes,  Disney’s 1937 Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Nicholas Roeg’s 1973 film Don’t Look Now and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. In Boyle’s installations the references which span eras and hi/lo culture exist on a simultaneous plane.

Beatrice Lettice Boyle graduated from the Royal College of Art, MA Painting, in 2018; They currently live and work in London. Recent exhibitions include That Is Real Moss On My Face. That Is Oatmeal And Dirt In My Hair, AND/OR, London, 2019; Nourishment, Guest Projects, London, 2019; Maenad, The Arcade Project, London, 2018; Jolene’s Unit, Thornton Le Dale Antique Centre, Yorkshire, 2018; Les Mains Dans Les Poches, Pierre Poumet, Bordeaux, 2018; Time Poor Dreamers, Cypher Space, Berlin, 2017